Miracle of Life. Circle of Life.

How is it that someone so tiny, who I never even knew before just a couple weeks ago, can touch my heart so fondly?  How can I love this tiny miracle so much?  I want to protect her, despite the many miles between us.  I am not incredibly spiritual, by any means, but I do believe in God and he has created someone special in my brand new baby niece.

She is beautiful and fragile.  Sweet and innocent.  She smells like any other delicious little baby and I feel as though I could literally snuggle her all day.  Getting to visit my sister and this tiny little girl was a blessing.  It made me appreciate life and family so much more.  She is, without even trying, teaching me to be a better person.

Then I look at my own beautiful daughter, who turns FOUR today (OH MY…) and it makes me love her more as well.  She is the most intelligent, independent, beautiful and spunky little girl I know.  She loves with her entire heart.  She has more empathy than most adults I know.  She has an incredible imagination and a love for art.  She has a pretty voice when she sings and her smile melts my heart every time.  And although she challenges me occasionally and gives me gray hairs, I love her to pieces.  My life would be incomplete without her by my side.

I know if my mom was with us today she would be overjoyed with these two beautiful girls and the jobs that my sister and I are doing as mothers.  Although I understand and accept the fact that she is no longer here on this green Earth, I really do wish she was here to offer up some of her motherly advice on occasion and witness our daughters growing up.

With all of this on my mind; my daughter’s birthday, my sister’s new baby and my mom not here to witness it, I have a real understanding of the circle of life on this morning.  Life goes on.  Happy times are always around the corner.  And even though our time is temporary here we need to appreciate.  We need to love.  We need to take it all in and make the very best of each day.

P.S. Happy birthday, Reagan!  Mommy loves you more than you will ever know!

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2 thoughts on “Miracle of Life. Circle of Life.

  1. How sweet danielle! This was so nice to read! Thank you!


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