Fabric of the Past

So,  this morning I cleaned out my tank top drawer,  mostly because I just couldn’t fit one more piece of fabric in there,  but also because I tend to hoard clothes that I know I’m never going to wear again.   I always think to myself,  “maybe, just maybe it will come back in style. ” 

But it never, ever does.

So every once in a while I force myself to go through and part with things.  Out with the old and in with the new,  I guess. Well, this morning I found some real treasures in there, let me tell you.   A couple that really made me cringe and say,  “what in the WORLD was I thinking?!”

For starters there was the hot pink leopard halter tank top made of lycra and who-knows-what-else.  Can you say, “hello Club Bijoux,  circa 2002?”  What was I thinking?  I’m really not sure why I hung on to that ugly thing so long,  but today I finally let it go. (Thank goodness!)

Then there was the too-short, too-tight lace-up flowered hippy shirt from The Shed that left zero room for a bra OR your imagination.   I don’t think I ever wore that one,  but what was I thinking when I bought it?   And why did I keep it for so long?  I must’ve bought it in my short “I want to be a free spirit” stage. 

But we all know that I’m too uptight to be a free spirit.  Or go bra-less, for that matter.

The last tank I found wasn’t just one, but a plethora of faded, holey, stained ribbed tanks of various colors and shapes.   I don’t think I ever have thrown one away.   I always think,  “oh it’ll make a good under shirt,” or “I can still sleep in it.”  Some of them were literally nothing more than a rag.  Seriously. 

Well,  today I bagged them up (most anyway) and dropped them off at Goodwill along with the club shirt, the hippy shirt and other various things that have no business being in my chest of drawers anymore.

I feel rejuvenated and proud of myself for letting things go.   I feel lighter because I don’t have to see those things anymore.  And maybe, just maybe,  I feel a little like I need to go shopping…

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