Funky Little Funk

Usually my daughter and I have great days.   We play,  laugh,  learn,  cuddle and just have good fun.  Other days we almost have all out war. 

She misbehaves.  I yell.  She misbehaves more.  I yell louder.   We both work eachother up because we are SO alike.  Its a vicious cycle…

My husband,  a very wise man,  calls it our “funk. ”  he usually has to mediate when we have these bad days – it’s sad.

What’s sadder is that I know that these days are totally avoidable and correctable. 

If I could just realize when our funk is coming,  then I could just stop what I’m doing and hug her.  I could just drop everything and give her some extra cuddles.  I could just play with the ponies or the dollies a little longer.  I could just ignore whatever I have to do and pay attention to her, because she’s more important than anything else.

But the problem is that I don’t notice the warning signs until we are already knee – deep in rice patties.   I’m yelling, she’s misbehaving and the dog is hiding under the covers,  afraid of what might happen next.  At that point it’s hard to recover.

I know when we have these days that the bad behavior from her and quick temper from me stems directly from the fact that I have too much going on and she wants my attention. 

It’s that simple. 

Some days I need to slow down and cuddle more.  But how do I notice?  What am I missing?

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1 thought on “Funky Little Funk

  1. We all go though it. Its hard to find that happy place. The next time tell her to help u get the jobs done then we can have mommy daughter time.
    It may work


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