Chill permeates the frost-covered grass

And bare trees rustle quietly.

Grey skies loom, threatening war

And wind slices your breath

When it leaves your lips.

A snowflake falls.

Zip your coat,




Photo courtesy of Paul Green at Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Winter

  1. The wind slicing my breath is the image that will stay with me. I also really liked the threat of the grey skies. I wanted this to be a little more economical with its words, for instance, “quietly” isn’t necessary because “rustling” is quiet by definition, and “chill permeating frosty grass” is redundant.

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  2. I also love the “slices” line, and how winter is “threatening war.” It ramped up the tension from ordinary cold to something more dangerous. The single snowflake falling almost felt like the flag or gesture that starts a battle, if that makes sense!

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