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Since November 15th, the official release date of When Love Sticks Around, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. Some days I feel like I hear that click-click-click, moving up toward my goals, others I’m coasting along, and some days just make me feel like I’m careening downward with my stomach tied up in my throat. There’s never any in-between.

Yesterday seemed to be a day where everything was click-click-clicking into place when I received an email from Indies Today saying that my book had been reviewed by someone on their team. Now I have received a number of reviews already, but a review at Indies Today would be my first big-named review. I bit my lip as I opened the link, then exhaled a huge sigh of relief. The reviewer gave my book FIVE STARS! The reviewer said, “A beautiful journey, absolutely worth every second.”

The five-star review means I get to use a fancy badge. It’s like jewelry for my book.

You can read the completely thoughtful and beautiful review here.

If you purchased a copy of When Love Sticks Around, please consider reviewing it on Amazon. If there is one “most important” thing I’ve learned through publishing, it’s that books need reviews.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Review at Indies Today

  1. Great for you. Congratulations on your five hundred star book.


    1. I’m not sure if you’re being kind or sarcastic.


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