Mustard Seed

I found mustard seed today, and remembered to let faith soar.

If it can be found there in seeds, then it can be found in war.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

20 thoughts on “Mustard Seed

  1. Love the subject that you chose! Even in such a short piece, I was surprised twice – by the mustard seed, and by the connection to war, which was very unexpected. Your meter was also interesting, and not what I expected on the first read. I like how much creativity you packed in a short poem.

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  2. I liked the connection between the mustard seed and war as well. And I agree with the above comment too: you’ve packed a lot into this couplet. I’m still thinking about it. Nicely done!

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    1. Mustard seed and faith, yes. I’m not extremely religious, but I know there’s a verse in the Bible about it. I only know because of what my mom used to say. The mustard seed is one of the smallest, and if you even have that much faith (in anything) then that is enough.

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  3. I think you’ve made this short couplet really complex–is it hopeful or not? It seems to start that way, but ending with “war” (extra emphasis because of the smart rhyme) gives it a little twist. Does the speaker really believe, or is it all too pollyanna-ish? Nicely done.

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    1. Thanks, Nate! Glad you knew the verse, because I surely did not. I do know that from the day my mom found out she had cancer until the day she died she held her mustard seed close. And she, too, attended a Baptist church.


  4. One of my favorite interpretations of the mustard seed verse is that it isn’t necessarily the size of the seed, it’s that this tiny seed grinds down into the pungent powder that gets everywhere and covers a lot of surface area. I thought of that in the final line when the rhyme challenges us to find faith in devastating conditions. Nice job.

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