7 Tips to Give Your Child for a Great School Year

Whether it’s your child’s first day of Kindergarten, or last day of high school, we’ve been there and we know how scary it can be.  We also know everything will be fine, right? Tell her to keep her head high, follow this advice and sky’s the limit:

Tell Her to be Brave

Tell her not to be afraid to introduce herself to someone new. She may find a lifelong friend if she pushes herself to meet new people. And tell her to raise her hand often, even if she is unsure whether her answer is right, because we have to take chances in life.

Tell her to Not Follow the Leader

Unless she’s told to, of course. Instead, she should find her own path and make her own choices. And if she can’t find a path she likes, she should break ground, make a new one, and run on it as hard as she can.  Trust me, she’ll be happier there.

Tell Her to be Helpful

Whether it’s a peer struggling with an assignment, a teacher who needs an extra hand, or anything in between, tell her to help them.  Rarely do we regret helping someone in need. In fact, helping can be the most rewarding experience.

Tell Her to Know When to Speak and When to Listen

This is true not only with her teachers, but also with her peers.  Learning to be a good listener is a tool she will keep for the rest of her life.  So when someone gives her words, tell her to look that person in the eye and listen with her ears and her mind. That is how trust develops.

Tell Her to Smile Often

She is at school to learn, which is an amazing and rewarding experience. Tell her to go to school with her best foot forward and a smile on her face. Every day she will acquire new knowledge. That is hers to keep forever.

Tell Her to be Kind

Tell her to notice and appreciate the differences she has with her peers.  Tell her not to leave someone out because she is different in some way.  Instead, sit with her at lunch and try to find out what makes her tick. She is unique and so is each and every other person on Earth.  That is part of what makes humans such incredible beings.

Above all Else, Tell Her to be HER

Tell her she is great exactly as she is. Some days will be easy and some will undoubtedly be difficult. Kids might be mean to her or she might get a bad grade, but as long as she keeps being the very best version of herself, things will end up alright.

One More Thing

Tell her that no matter what, you are there for her. You love her and she can do this.

Photo courtesy of Poodar Chu

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