Kindergarten Memoirs

Hi, my name is Reagan and guess what?  I finished kindergarten today!

Even though it’s a really happy day, it’s been kinda sad, too.

When we were waiting for the bus to pick me up, Mom’s face was red, and her eyes were a little wet.  I asked why she was crying, and she said they were the good kind of tears.  I don’t know about that.

Her face looked the same way on the first day of school – all wrinkly on her forehead.  When she worries, it gets that way.  Squishy in weird places.  Stretched in others.

Anyway, on the first day of school, I was a little bit nervous.  What if I couldn’t open my applesauce?  Or if my shoes came untied?  Or if I missed Mommy?

I didn’t want to tell Mom that, because she kept hugging me so tight.  If I told her I was scared, she would be sadder, and the wrinkles would just get worse.

Plus, I was kinda excited for school, too.  Just a little bit.

When the yellow bus got there, it was REALLY big.  I almost couldn’t reach the steps, but I did, and Daddy was so proud!  He took lots of pictures with his phone.  He said he had to put one on the Face-thing for Omi.

Mommy covered her eyes.  More tears, I bet.

“Bye!” I yelled, at the top step.  Miss Melody, my bus driver, was nice.

In my seat, I looked out the window and waved at Mommy.  I smiled, to tell her I was okay.  She smiled back.

That was so long ago, and you know what?

I think this was a really, REALLY big year for me.

Last month, Daddy took the training wheels off my Minnie Mouse bike.  He helped me learn to ride on two wheels in the backyard, and I did great even though my knees kept bumping the handles.  I think maybe I grew so much because I eat my protein (Mom makes me).  I still had fun, though, and I always wore my helmet.  SAFETY FIRST, you know.

And last week Mommy started teaching me how to tie my shoes.  I watched closely.  She made bunny ears that looped, and ended with a neat bow.  She always double-knotted them.

Just in case, because she loves me.

Today, I tied my own shoes.  I was really careful.  I made both bunny ears, just like Mom, and tucked them in the right places.  Can you believe it?  I TIED MY VERY OWN SHOES!

I climbed onto the bus, and sat down next to one of my BFFs (I have a lot), Summer.  We talked about our graditation.  I didn’t look out the window to smile at Mommy, but she knew I was there.

And I knew that she knew.

Our recital was pretty fun, because I was a ladybug.  It was my very first choice.  I got to sing & dance with all my friends, and my moves were perfect!  We practiced a whole lot, because we all had family there to watch.  Then I got a special certificate from my teacher.

That was the sad part.  I will miss my teacher and my friends.

But after graditation, we got cookies and juice.  They were yummy, so I wasn’t sad anymore.

Mom was crying again, so I went and got a cookie for her, too.

Finally, after school, Daddy bought me a new bike.  One with bigger tires, and no training wheels.  It’s shiny, and bright, with a sparkly bell that looks like a gem.

I LOVE gems.

We practiced a little in the grass, but it’s a big girl bike.  Dad says it will take more time, and practice, before I’m ready for the street.

Mom thinks I’m growing up too fast, but I can’t wait to be a big kid.  I like being able to do stuff by myself, like tie my shoes.  It’s fun!  I still need Mommy and Daddy for some things, like making my dinner (pasta with red sauce is my favorite).  And maybe I’ll always need them, even when I’m big.  After all, Mom says, “I’ll always be her first baby.”

You know what else?  Sometimes I think they need me, too.

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12 thoughts on “Kindergarten Memoirs

  1. This was such a sweet post!


    1. Thanks Hema! This was the first time I tried writing in such a different voice. I hope it came across alright!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Adorable! It’s true- kindergarten was a BIG year! I am excited to see what the future brings for your remarkable young lady. For now, enjoy some summer fun!


    1. Thank you, Cathy! We’ve been busy. Tennis, dance, swimming, and a summer writing journal!


  3. Nawww Reagan sounds so adorable. She’s lucky to have a mom like you 😀 the voice in this was really well done too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is so cute. Totally loved it. Reagan’s thoughts made me smile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was tough writing in her voice and sticking to her vocabulary, but also quite fun.


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