Baby Steps

Arms outstretched; fists white-knuck-ling.

Small feet are stum-bling.

She wants to take steps today.


Hair disheveled; voice mum-bling.

Girl starts a’ tum-bling.

Falling down won’t ruin her day.


Getting up; she’s still stru-ggling,

Short legs are fum-bling.

Fixed to take first steps today.


Crackers out; tummy’s grum-bling.

Wood floor starts rum-bling.

Steps are coming straight this way.


She’s close; crackers crum-bling.

And Mom starts bum-bling.

Baby took first steps today!


Photo courtesy of Liane Metzler on

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15 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Yay!!! Congratulations and best of luck at the same time!! Lol!!

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    1. It’s very exciting, but exhausting chasing and cleaning up after her.

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      1. Oh yes!!! I understand well!! 😍


  2. This was so fantastic! Must be an exciting thing to see those first steps. 😄


  3. This is truly beautiful! I will surely try my hand at this form of poetry next week, it’s just so wonderful! 😃


  4. I could really see the whole thing…very beautiful!


  5. I think the uneven syllables of this form really lend themselves well to the gait of a child learning to walk.

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  6. You’ve captured a sweet moment. I’m impressed that the baby is walking for the first time and attempting to eat. That’s a go-getter!

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    1. What can I say? The girl likes her food =)


      1. A girl after my own heart!

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