Fun at the Germ-Infested Playground!

Such fun, at the indoor playground!

Falling rain has us weather-bound.

So to the mall, we go instead.

Where gross germs are easily spread.

Full of children, so tightly wound.


Little heathens run wild around;

Screams and shouts are the only sound.

I swear, half must be interbred,

At the indoor playground.


On their phones, parents are spellbound.

Kids left unwatched, to beat and pound

On other children’s little heads.

A war of germs, dirt, and bloodshed.

Oh how I hate this battleground.

At the indoor playground.

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15 thoughts on “Fun at the Germ-Infested Playground!

  1. The quick turn for “Such fun!” to “gross germs” made me laugh. I am not a parent but I would imagine most of my days would involve being excited about things that don’t interest me if I were. Your mention of “inbred” made me laugh.

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    1. Thanks! That was one of my favorite parts, and if you witnessed some of these kids you might have thought the same thing!


  2. I wonder if this is the first rondeau to reference germs?

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    1. I don’t know, but that might be fun to research! This was my first time writing a poem that followed rules since grade school, so I was really having fun with it.


  3. I LOVE this! I do not miss those days of germy, inbred playground days the least little bit! We had no smart phones when mine were little– it makes me sad that the screen overcomes the parents?

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    1. Me too. We need to remember to be present


  4. Shoot, I didn’t finish – we need to remember to be present with our kids.


  5. I don’t miss those days, either! I love the fun you had with this, the increasing chaos until the playground turns into a battleground. My favorite lines are the second and third of the last stanza, where your phrase flows past the rhyme; “little heads” is so visual and also snaps us back to remembering that all these monsters are darling to someone. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer!


  6. hahaha I loved every line of this, Danielle! We went to a Bounce-a-Rama last week and 2.5 promptly fell sick!

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    1. I was worried we’d all end up with rotavirus. Thank goodness we’re all fine!


  7. I just can’t wait till I have kids and can experience these joys. 🙂

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    1. Kids give me more writing material, I swear!

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  8. I enjoyed your poem 🙂

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