First Breath Without Her (YeahWrite Microstory #262)

FlowerShe closes her eyes, drawing breath deep into her lungs.

The aroma of fresh cut grass touches her nose, a reminder that life doesn’t end with death.

A solitary tear escapes her eyes as her cheeks tingle with warmth from the sun.

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10 thoughts on “First Breath Without Her (YeahWrite Microstory #262)

  1. Enchanting and tragic at once! You’ve written a great piece!

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    1. Thank you! This is my first time writing for a YeahWrite contest and I had a great time.


  2. So moving!


  3. There’s a lot of emotion in this story, Danielle. I like the touching of the nose and the mixing of sadness and warmth at the end.

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  4. A bittersweet take. Thanks for sharing.

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