Work in Progress

Well, let’s be honest here: this particular blog has been in the making for a very long while.  For the last four months (at least)  I’ve thought about writing something every day.  I’ve had so many moments that would have been glorious on paper, but I have had neither the time, nor the energy to write a word since well before the birth of my beautiful, smiley and happy-go-lucky daughter, Ashlyn.

For the last several months I have thought and thought about what I wanted to write about when I had the time, but now as I sit here finally with “the time” and pen in hand I am struggling to find the right words to put on the paper.

I suppose maybe I already know why this is the case.  The reason why I am finding it hard to write about something substantial is because so many substantial, life-changing and simply inspiring things have happened to my family, recently.

It started with the birth of my daughter, then we prepared to list our townhouse (because we’re CRAZY) by doing some pretty serious renovations with a newborn in the house.  After that we listed the townhouse, prepared the house for numerous showings, sold the townhouse in four days, toured plenty of houses, put in several offers and finally had one accepted, signed the paperwork and bought a house pretty far off the beaten path with land (oh my), unpacked nearly everything in two days to prepare for Reagan’s 5th birthday party (AT THE HOUSE because like I said, we’re INSANE), built Reagan a swing set, survived the birthday party, which included Belle as the special guest of honor,registered Reagan for kindergarten AND cheerleading (what?!) and enjoyed our first Fourth of July in the new house by lighting off some decent fireworks in our own backyard.

It’s been a crazy, fun, wild and intense ride, but I have enjoyed (almost) every minute, with the exception of my near nervous breakdown and many tears shed along the long and winding way.

I have so many moments to share in detail, but right now I just don’t know exactly where to start.

I can, however, say this: although I can’t wait to get every detail about my family’s recent journey out of my head and on to this paper maybe I need to take this moment for myself to breath deeply.  So instead of writing I will smile and enjoy this glass of wine with my best friend as the fireflies dance among the treeline beyond our front porch and our  girls sleep soundly and happily upstairs.

…I still wonder how we got so lucky.

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