It’s a….

On Thursday, November 13th at 9:20 a.m., at my 20 week sonogram, my husband and I found out that the tiny baby growing in my belly was a healthy little girl.  I couldn’t believe my ears – another GIRL!

The tears that burned my eyes were proof of how unbelievably happy I was.  At that moment, everything was right in the world.  I felt as though the stars aligned and God was giving us the greatest blessing, all at the very same time.  My life instantaneously felt  so full of life, love and happiness.  It was a moment of pure joy.

You see, I came from a house with one sister (whom I adore and cherish as one of my most favorite people in the whole world – there are very few people who I am as close to).  But, I am also blessed enough to have two more step-siblings (one of them is a sister) and a sister-in-law.  If there is one thing I am sure about – the bond between two sisters is unlike anything else in the world.  It is deep, it is pure and it is magical.

When I was little (and an only child with the exception of my step-siblings) my mom always said she wanted two little girls of her own so I would have a sister.  On the day my sister was born, that dream came to fruition.  I never understood the gravity of her wish until now – my mom was a very smart lady.  This second baby girl will make my life (and my husband’s and my other daughter’s) complete.  Our family will be whole.  And the greatest gift I will EVER be able to give Reagan is that wonderful relationship she will have with her new baby sister.

Of course my daughter doesn’t quite understand exactly how much her sibling will mean to her just yet, but she is very excited to have a sibling and pretty stoked that it’s not a boy.  And…for the last few days she’s been using her unique powers of persuasion to try and convince me to name her sister Rainbow Dash.  She makes me laugh.  We love our little girl so much and can’t wait to have TWO of them!

Love you and miss you every day mom!  I know you helped God with this one.

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