Dear Husband,

I often think back to the day we met,  watching your band play at a downtown bar.  I thought,  at the time,  how sweet and cute you were.   But I also believed that would be one of our only encounters,  so I didn’t think much into it.

But it wasn’t.  And not too long after the night of your show I found myself sitting in your apartment,  wondering if something like what I felt with you had the capacity to last.  It was so different with you.   So easy.

Even from the beginning of our relationship we were friends with so many things in common.   Only enough different to make things interesting.  But beyond our friendship there was something so much more.  A spark.   A deeper connection.

We moved in together so quickly and no one thought it would last,  except us.   We were certain it would.  Then,  after time,  you finally asked me to be your wife and, of course,  I said yes.

Our years together have proven the strength of our bond and I love you more than ever,  with each passing day.  We are blessed,  so blessed,  to have this life we built together.  We have had our share of struggles along the way,  stumbling occasionally,  but we always make it through.   Together. 

Today I sit here,  pregnant with our second child,  and know that life is nothing short of magical.  It is perfect,  just as it is.  We have our health.  We have our family.   We have eachother.

Thank you for being my husband, best friend and father to our daughter and unborn child.  Thank you for supporting me emotionally,  physically and even financially.  Thank you for your persistent  drive and passion for success in life and love.  Thank you for believing in me and for believing in us.  But,  more than anything else,  thank you for your unconditional love.  

You are the best teammate ever.


Your Enamored Wife

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