Fireworks and F-bombs

There is something to be said about enjoying fireworks with family and friends under the dark blue skies that hang over one of the most patriotic parts of the country. Last night was a simple, yet beautiful display of fire and color against the night in Fredericksburg and I was happy to witness it with my husband, daughter and new friends.

The entire day leading up to the fireworks was one to remember, as well. We arrived at Old Mill Park early and found a shady spot just before the hill on a wide open grassy field. We set up camp with blankets, corn hole, camping chairs and some American beer (why not, right?). It was a laid back and enjoyable start to our Fourth of July festivities.

Watching my daughter run through the fields with other children, all dressed in their red, white and blue, was the most fun for me. Children are so innocent, finding joy in the simplest things like the feel of tall blades of grass or a soft breeze blowing their hair around. I wish that innocence lasted forever.

As the sun started to set, we brought out glow sticks and sparklers for the kids and they giggled in glee as they made they’re own light displays, the opening act before the main event.

People were there in droves, and came from all walks of life. There were families there with new babies, teenagers there on first dates and older people there, maybe out of tradition. Definitely the most interesting groups were the ones with dirty white t-shirts, open containers of cheap beer and proud rebel flags, dropping f – bombs as they enjoyed southern rock on their portable radios. It was entertaining, to say the least.

Once the fireworks started, all the kids settled down and enjoyed the show, each new firework casting a glow in their small cheeks, round with happy smiles.

Everything, from start to finish, was awesome. It was beautiful, unpretentious, relaxing, simple and just a little bit country. It was exactly what I wanted Fourth of July to be like. It was perfect.

We have made a tradition here in Fredericksburg, right next door to George Washington’s childhood home. And I look forward to many more Fourths with fireworks at Old Mill and maybe even the occasional f – bomb.

Happy birthday, America.  Can’t wait to celebrate again next year.

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