Ink is silent, without wording.

Thoughts on tongues which cannot wag.

Gears are stuck, no longer turning.

Flowing words have caught a snag.

Eyes are glazed, and minds are searching.

Visions have been choked and gagged.


Photo courtesy of Florian Klaur

Putting the Pen to the Paper.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been having some SERIOUS writer’s block.  It’s like I feel as though I have so much to talk about, yet nothing to say.  So many ideas in my head, but nothing escaping my heart.

It’s frustrating at best and infuriating at worst.  

I want so much to finish my book, to write a blog, to escape for a few minutes as my pen scratches the paper and my fingers tap away on the keyboard, but instead there is stillness.  Silence. Emptiness.  There is room for nothing and everything all at once.  And I wonder when I will, again, be able to get back to writing, typing and editing.  When can I continue getting my story on paper? 

Until this mental block subsides I will keep trying.  I will keep staring at the blank page, waiting for my brain to cooperate.  And I will keep putting the pen to the paper.