A Call For Peace.

This morning I woke up early and turned on my laptop to find yet another fatal shooting here on our soil.  What the hell is going on right now?  What is becoming of our land, our people?  It’s devastating to see us murder each other so easily.  We are playing God.  We think we can make a change for the better with a bullet and we are becoming numb.  That’s the worst part – we are becoming more acceptant of brutal violence.  It is, in a sense, becoming normal.

For me, that is almost as terrifying as the act of shooting, itself.

I’m afraid for my children, your children and our children’s children.  What kind of nation are we turning over to them?  What kind of world will they be forced to deal with because of our mistakes?  Their small, innocent hands aren’t ready to be stained with blood.

Our country is deteriorating from the inside.  We are fighting a war with each other and our strong place of protected freedom is crumbling to ruins around us.  What will become of us if we continue on this destructive path?  Where will we be in five, ten or even 20 years?  We can’t just sit here and watch the death toll continue to rise.  We HAVE to do something about this.

We can start by putting away those murderous metal objects.  Then, let’s shake a stranger’s hand and ask them, genuinely, how their day is.  Let’s put down our phones and focus, REALLY focus, on the world around us.  Take it in.  Appreciate the love and life around us.  Let’s start helping each other.  Whenever and wherever we can.  Let’s show compassion, get involved and use our WORDS to make change.  Let’s tear down the walls that we’ve built up, because right now we have to stand together, UNITED.

Police officers and civilians.  Black and white.  Gay and straight.  Men and women.  We are all PEOPLE.  And right now, we need to stand up for PEACE.

Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt on Unsplash