Finding Warmth

Bitter air nibbles the back of my neck. I pull the worn cloth on my coat closer to my ears and sit down on the splintered bench, next to the quiet, dark-skinned girl. Her name is unknown to me, though we travel this same path daily.

We come from the same dilapidated street and, judging by the rags she wears, we are haunted by similar stories.

The doors of the bus open and warm air thieves the rawness from my cheeks. I nod and she boards first.

She smiles, takes my walking stick, and guides me to the last seat.


This is my take on the this week’s Yeah Write Prompt taken from The Write Melony’s essay titled The Case.

Photo courtesy of Alex Wong/

Why I Say, “Happy Holidays”

I am Christian.  I do believe in God, or at least a version of God.  I also believe that there are many people out there who are not Christian, do not believe in God (or maybe any God, for that matter) and certainly don’t celebrate Christmas.

Why then, would I say, “merry Christmas,” to a complete and total stranger, whom I know nothing about?  Why are some pushing the idea that saying, “happy holidays,” is anti-Christian in some way?  I think it’s just the opposite.  By choosing two words over another we are choosing not to judge.  Not to hate.  But to love all the same.  Isn’t that the most Christian thing we could do?

I might get some crap here from other Christians, but isn’t saying those very words (merry Christmas) pushing our already pushy beliefs upon people?  I feel like it most certainly is.

Instead I wish everyone, “happy holidays.”  It’s easier.  It’s friendlier on a global scale.  And it’s all-inclusive of every joyous holiday we celebrate during this time of year.

Happy Holidays!