Finding Balance in my Crazy Life

There once was a time when I flew off the handle on a regular basis.  I was tired, stressed and a wee bit unstable.  But after a year of therapy, plenty of mistakes and a lot of soul-searching I am finally in a better place mentally and socially.  It wasn’t easy to get here and there were plenty of bumps along the way, but the journey has been life-changing.

Over the last year, I have decided that there are five things that I need each and every day to stay sane and stable.  I have listed them below (in no particular order, of course).

  1. COFFEE.  Lots and lots of coffee is required.  Sometimes I drink it by the gallon.  (Like on those days when Ashlyn decides that 5:00 a.m. is a good time to play with Mom.)
  2. Hugs.  I need at least twelve hugs from each of my daughters and my husband each day.  It is a way to reconnect with them and remind myself that everything is just the way it should be.
  3. Laughter.  If I laugh on my worst day, then it suddenly isn’t so bad.  Laughter is medicine for the heart and soul and my husband is the best doctor to prescribe it.
  4. Writing and/or Reading.  If I am having a moment; then I know I need to write about it.  If I can’t think of what to say, then I need to read instead.  It’s that simple.
  5. Meditation.  I don’t have hours to meditate each day, but I have five minutes and that’s exactly how long I try to meditate for.  It’s not much, but every morning while my coffee is brewing I sit quietly and start the day in a positive state of mind.  I remind myself of my intention for the day and connect with the quiet world around me.2016-04-18 09.19.12 How do you stay balanced?  Please share your thoughts!