Two Birds in a Bath

When the temperature rises above comfortably cool, they find happiness in the shallow end of the water.

Bright colors cover their flesh, drenched in summer sweat and the smell of coconuts.

They sing their sweet song and flap their fleshy wings spraying water droplets against the lens of my favorite glasses. I find my smile under an umbrella.

It’s summer, and they are my two tropical birds in paradise.


Photo courtesy of Pexels

In response to Donna-Louise’s Prompt Pot – Birds

13 thoughts on “Two Birds in a Bath

  1. Aw D, this is just beautiful. You’ve captured a very relatable moment really well and brought out the colour and life of the scene. Thanks for much taking part this week 🙂

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  2. ‘This was very delightful and summer –ish’ indeed, Danielle, we are awaiting the opening of our children’s pool as our son has been anticipating summer swims all winter, we had a very late start upon the warmer weather of Springtime and summer.

    ‘Lovely’ giggling little twin Mermaids within their element;’ 🙂

    ‘Oh how I dread to think of what a ancient carved stone figure, a cold and gray medleval beast I would’ve become by now poised high upon Notre – Dame’ de Paris’ if it had not been for the loving heart of my wife, the her gentle soft caress upon my heart’ and the giggling laughter of our little son. (Danielle’ Google search ‘The Rose Window’ and as well ‘The Organ of Notre – Dame de Paris.). For every mothers heart is truly a Stained glass window indeed. Thanks for Sharing Danielle…

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