Sea Glass Mosaic


you are a seaglass mosaic.

don’t be fearful of your imperfections. they are what make you.

i know the resiliency of your skin is being tested. a seemingly never-ending current of depression is sweeping up, splashing the places you’ve reassembled many times.

let the wave reflect your courage rather than shadow your beauty. stand strong. let it wash over you. embrace the tide rather than bracing for it.

your finish will crack. maybe even break. but it’s okay. each crack represents new wisdom and love for life. each break will expose a new facet of your Self.

let sadness rinse away anything unnecessary, leaving only the important pieces.

after the tide, pick up what’s left, rebuild, and glisten in the sun once more.

photo courtesy of Seth Doyle/

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17 thoughts on “Sea Glass Mosaic

  1. kickingthedragonsite March 14, 2017 — 11:39 am

    This is lovely! I am inspired. Coming across this at the right time….when I need to embrace the tide….enjoy the ebb and flow and highs and lows. I’m enjoying wandering around your blog space. Thanks for this gem!

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  2. This is beautiful, Danielle! I especially love the last line.

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  3. brockbuildersteel March 15, 2017 — 11:56 am

    ‘Frame this your written piece within an ornate oak wood golden frame, with a nearby small round table, a little curvy painted vase upon it, with baby blue and yellow delicate fragrant flowers’ and place it within a sun lit Great Museum’ of literary arts’ for your works are soul beautiful, soul inspiriting’ and we too’ become this earth’ and swill within this beautiful saline blue sea…

    ‘Thank you for sharing your creative works Danielle…


  4. This was my favorite: a seemingly never-ending current of depression is sweeping up, splashing the places you’ve reassembled many times.

    Nice imagery with the glass mosaic ocean and tides. I think the no caps added to the serenity of acceptance.

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  5. This is beautiful. I especially like the line “embrace the tide rather than bracing for it.” For me though, the lack of capitalization is distracting.

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    1. Thanks, Ellen. It was a creative choice I made, but I understand if it didn’t work for you. Thank you for commenting 🙂


  6. So many amazing lines in this! This might be one of my favorite pieces you’ve written. ❤

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    1. Aww, thank you Melony. That means a ton to me.


  7. I think the prose-poem feel of this worked well, especially with the lack of capitalization. It all felt very peaceful and soothing.

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  8. I had the impression of hearing this as a voiceover in a Terrence Malick movie, like Tree of Life or Thin Red Line. It was as if I was being spoken to by an almost whispering narrator; and I saw the waves and the sand, and the sun reflecting off the blue of the ocean. I don’t know, it evoked a lot of images for me. Beautiful.

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    1. Thank you J. Edward! Very kind comments 🙂


  9. “your finish will crack. maybe even break. but it’s okay.”I love this.

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  10. What a beautiful poem…and just the sentiment I needed this morning. Thank you for the follow which ultimately led me to your blog. Warm wishes to you —

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    1. you’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed reading. Have a great day.

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