Out your mouth, exhale

Cancer, violence, and death. Into chaturanga, progress.

Let your chest rise in cobra. Inhale.


Let breath out like a steady dragon. Inhale.

Downward dog. Fingers and toes pressed firmly to earth. Exhale.

Take in the dawn of tomorrow like the warmth of coffee. Progress.



Empty your lungs. Right foot forward in crescent. Inhale.

Left foot forward and bend at the hips. Exhale.


Breathe. Lengthen spine and reach for the skies above. Exhale.

Stand on the edge of the new year, arms outstretched for hope, love, and progress.

Palms together in prayer. Through your nose, inhale.


Photo courtesy of Kyson Dana/UPnsplash

25 thoughts on “Salutations

  1. Yes’ Breathe well indeed…

    I am purchasing Yoga blocks to better train my core… I suppose I best learn how to master my inhalations and exhalations for a finer tuned more sculptured workout.

    ‘Breathing is a good thing indeed, and living as and who you were born to be, even better’… I at first read this work of yours and though I was in study of the respectable passive / aggressive Martial Art ‘Aikido’… But I see it is a lesson in being who you were born to be, you know, life… and living it well…

    ‘As a side note Danielle if I may say, when I first lay my eyes upon your blog post with the Red Leather Boxing gloves, it instantly took me to the Music Video of ‘The Cowboy Junkies’ ‘Misguided Angel’ in my mind’ of a father and his wee mite at the Boxing ring. The feel of Ireland in that said. Keep up in writing your passions Danielle’.

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  2. You used the cyclical nature of the lines really well to illustrate the practice of yoga. Very cool approach. It’s almost a tritina, though not quite; to really nail the form you need the three stanzas plus one final line (not stanza) with the ultimate words in 1-2-3 order. But even so, it’s quite lovely!

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      1. No worries – this is how we learn, sometimes. I wrote what I intended to be a lanterne once, and turns out I missed the mark entirely. But now I know what makes a lanterne. 🙂

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