My Top 10

Someone asked me for my top ten favorite movies of all time.  At first I thought making the list would be a breeze, easy peesy as Reagan says, but then this morning I tried to make my list…

It’s tough!

At first I could barely get five down, but then slowly my list started to grow.   I ended up with around twenty movies that are on my “go to” list.   Movies that I could watch over and over without growing tired of them.   I looked at my list, scratching my head and wondering how I would ever narrow it down.

But eventually, after some tears, rewriting, scribbling out and some self conflict, I’ve got my list.

I like them each for different reasons and there isn’t one I favor over another, so they are randomly listed below:

1. Grease
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Breakfast Club
4. Beaches
5. Sweet Home Alabama
6. Dirty Dancing
7. Big
8. Back to the Future
9. American Beauty
10. Wizard of Oz

What do you think?  What does your top 10 look like?  Similar to mine?

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10

  1. Love all the above but would add “Hope Floats” and “Caddy Shack”. So I guess I would have a top 12 list.


  2. Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Stand by Me, To Kill a Mockingbird, Taking Chance, 50 First Dates, Inherit the Wind, Freedom Writers, Mr Holland’s Opus, and Wanted. So many great movies to choose from…


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